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Weather Delays / Vessel Delays – Weather delays continue to affect vessels arriving into the US and Canada.  The winter storm that occurred in the Midwest and Northeast over the past few weeks brought extreme low temperatures affecting rail operations in the US.  We continue to see revised bookings from shipping lines with updated cut offs, sailings, and ETAs.

Vancouver Trucking Strike by United Truckers Association of BC (UTA) – As of now there is no resolution.  Many shipping lines are sending notices out stating there are no operational delays and that the terminals remain open and secure.  That is not true, there are major delays and challenges.  Yes, the terminals are open and operating. However, trucks cannot get in to secure empty equipment nor can they return full.  It is too dangerous as truckers are getting harassed by picketers.  Unfortunately with over a 95% reduction in container flow into the terminals across all industries, the terminals have reduced staff to “skeleton” levels.  Depending on your transloading facility, some are able to return containers to Vanterm and Centerm. But due to the shortage of staff, there are long wait times of over an hour to return containers despite no other trucks in line.