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The following information is helpful when checking rates, if available:

  • Origin/destination
  • Product
  • Container Size/Type
  • Temperature Settings, if required
  • Shipment Period
  • Projected Volumes
  • Any Special Requirements

Jo-Sak can also provide rate quotations for special handling requests, such as customs reporting from both the USA and Canada, local container drayage, etc. Please specify such requests via email.

Please contact us to obtain a copy of our most up to date standard operating terms and conditions agreement.

Shipping Terms

Destination THC Collect (DHC Coll):
The shipping line’s terminal handling charges for the destination terminal are to be paid by the buyer at destination
Destination THC Prepaid (DHC ppd/incl):
The freight rate includes the cost of terminal handling fees at the discharge port, and is prepaid at origin by shipper.
Destination THC N/A (DHC N/A):
There are no terminal handling charges applicable for the destination terminal.
Door Delivery, Including THC:
Freight rate includes cost of cargo being delivered to buyer’s address, including discharge port handling expenses.
Free Out:
The receiver at destination pays all port operations expenses, and charges for discharging cargo from the vessel at destination.
Full Liner/Liner Out:
Freight rate includes all discharge expenses from vessel to port. Local port charges are payable by the receiver directly to port authorities, the carrier does not interfere or collect them.
Container Yard/Container Yard: Freight rate includes costs from origin port to destination port, and does not include local container trucking/loading expenses at origin or destination.
Freight rate includes cost of picking up cargo at origin warehouse, to container delivery at receiver’s final address.

Sales Terms

C&F (CNF or CFR): “Cost and Freight”:
Seller is responsible for paying for ocean freight and costs up to discharge at destination port, but not the cost of insurance.
CIF: Cost, Insurance, Freight”:
Seller is responsible for paying ocean freight, insurance, and costs up to discharge at destination port.
FOB: “Free On Board”:
Seller is responsible for all expenses up to and including cargo loading on the vessel; buyer is responsible for paying the freight rate.