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Please be advised that we anticipate QC Thaw Season weight restrictions to go into effect March 17,2014.

The weight limits during this period are as follows:

Weight Limits
QC Thaw Season 2014

20' cntr

40' cntr

Quad axle
(+ $200)

18,000 kgs

23,500 kgs

25,500 kgs

39,600 lbs

51,800 lbs

56,200 lbs

This will also impact any reefers that are trucked from Toronto to Montreal port or Montreal to USEC ports with lines that do not offer reefer rail service, such as Maersk & Safm (for loads that truck to USEC ports of load) and CMA CGM. These additional costs for quads provided by the lines’ truckers to be advised once confirmed.

We will keep you apprised of any change in dates for the spring thaw season, and will do our best to accommodate your needs during that time.