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Things are definitely changing in this industry and one area most affected has been in the documentation process, particularly given new customs and EU/China regulations. Many carriers are charging manifest corrector fees, revision fees, late submission fees, etc.In most cases, there is a fee charged for each correction request on bills of lading. Piease note, Jo-Sak requires full BL instr as early as possible on the day of documentation cut off. Please consider that customs reporting can sometimes take several hours, and this must be completed prior to submitting master BL instructions to the line. In order to meet documentation cut offs and avoid cargo being rolled (which would be considerably more costly than a doc correction fee), we are often submitting dummy or incomplete BL instructions on behalf of customers, and later updating with completed information. In these cases, lines are charging correction fees. Corrections to errors made on the part of the steamship line will be disputed.Aside from these, any and all correction fees must be passed along. Please take note of the BL Due date on your bkg confirmation and submit full BL instructions, including shipper, notify party, consignee details, cntr #s, seal#s, commodity description, case count, net weight, gross weight, and any other special requirements needed.